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NEDA Selected as an AIP Ambassador

Recently, NEDA was selected to become an Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP) Ambassador.  The annual $1 million (Canadian) Arctic Inspiration Prize recognizes and promotes the extraordinary contributions made by teams in the gathering of Arctic knowledge and their plans to implement this knowledge to real world applications for the benefit of the Canadian Arctic, Arctic Peoples and therefore Canada as a whole.  The AIP is made possible through the generous endowment of the S. and A. Inspiration Foundation, the commitment of ArcticNet to voluntarily manage the Prize, as well as the contribution of numerous volunteers and partners.

Some organizations such as NEDA are invited by the Arctic Inspiration Prize office to act as Ambassadors who champion the Prize in their respected regions and/or fields. The Prize aims to have Ambassadors covering all geographical and thematic areas of the Prize.  In addition to these invited Ambassadors, anyone may act as a nominator for a team they see as worthy of the Arctic Inspiration Prize.

AIP Ambassadors help in several ways; Spreading the Word by making sure that information about the Prize is available in all of their spheres of influence and communities; Actively seek out teams and projects; Encourage/Help/Mentor teams; Nominate worthy teams and; Celebrate and share the good news.

Join in the conversation and help NEDA make the AIP known across the North and beyond, by:

•     Folllowing the AIP on Twitter at @ArcticPrize and re-tweeting them!

•     Including news about the AIP and its Laureates on your web pages and social media platforms

•     Writing about the AIP in your communications whenever possibles

•     Talking about the AIP and celebrating your Laureates and their project(s) in your community

•     Sharing good news stories about the success and progress of your team project(s), including local media coverage, print articles, etc.

More information about the AIP, the nomination process, past winners and more can be found on the AIP website.  If you know of a worthy team that you feel should be nominated, contact NEDA.