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ED&T CTCI Funding Program On-Demand Webinar


This on demand webinar will provide a background to the importance of the new CTCI program from Economic Development and Transportation It will describe how this program can help communities, businesses and artists benefit more from tourism; support for developing new services and products and; support to market tourism and cultural products With your input and assistance, Nunavut Tourism hopes to generate a strong response from the tourism industry on what training they believe is needed for the success of their businesses. Together, you can help Nunavut Tourism meet their goal of creating a higher level of educational resources for the tourism industry.

To view this on demand webinar, just click the link below where it says “Go to ED&T CTCI Funding Program On-Demand Webinar.”   When the new page opens, just fill out the short registration form and click the button that says “View” to start the webinar.

Presented by Karen Fingas, Outgoing Director, Tourism and Cultural Industries, Department of Economic Development & Transportation, Government of Nunavut.

Originally recorded August 12, 2015

Recorded on: 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015