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CARFAC Artist Resale Right Proposal On-Demand Webinar


This webinar was recorded on September 14, 2014. CARFAC has spent the last 5 years advocating for the Artist Resale Right (ARR). This legal right entitles visual artists to receive payment each time their work is resold publicly through an auction house or commercial gallery. CARFAC recommends that 5% of all eligible secondary market sales of art be paid back to the artist. CARFAC based their recommendations on the 69+ countries that have legislated the ARR. In 2010, CARFAC’s Executive Director (and presenter April Britski) spent several months in Europe, researching how the ARR is applied internationally, and prepared CARFAC’s proposal for an ARR in Canada, based on best practices from other countries. This proposal has since been endorsed by the Government of Nunavut (January 2012) and the municipality of Rankin Inlet (April 2014). In 2013, Bill C-516 introduced the ARR to Canadian Parliament. CARFAC is Canada’s national association of professional visual and media artists. CARFAC is an artist-run organization working to improve artists’ economic and legal rights, through advocacy, lobbying, research and education. CARFAC was established by artists in 1968 and has been recognized by Status of the Artist legislation as the collective bargaining representative for visual and media artists in Canada. CARFAC negotiate working conditions and standards for artists, and recommend minimum fee payments that artists receive when their work is exhibited or reproduced.

To view this on demand webinar, just click the link below where it says “Go to CARFAC Artist Resale Right Proposal On-Demand Webinar.”   When the new page opens, just fill out the short registration form and click the button that says “View” to start the webinar.

Presented by April Britski, Executive Director for CARFAC National.

Originally recorded September 14, 2014

Recorded on: 

Sunday, September 14, 2014