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Annual Conferences

Each fiscal year, NEDA hosts a professional development conference to help EDOs develop their skills and be exposed to ideas and concepts that can help them help their communities.  This page incloudes the presentations made during those annual conferences.

2017/18 Annual Conference - September 2017 - Toronto, Ontario.

The following sessions were held during the 2017/18 conference aqt the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto.  The PowerPoint presenttions for each session (where available) are included in the corresponding links.  In some cases, due to the file size limitations, the presentation has been split into several parts. Please make sure to download all parts to see the complete presentation.  All files have been optimized (PDF format) so they are as small as possible.  If there are any problems with downloading the files, please contact NEDA at exdir@nunavuteda.com

  • Offshore & Inshore Fisheries Development – Presentation on summary of DFO’s indigenous economic programs - PICFI, AICFI and NICFI and a short discussion on fisheries development - from subsistence to industrial - things to consider when pioneering a program like NICFI. – Presented by Mark Duiven, Executive Director, National Indigenous Fisheries Institute and Jim Jones, Advisor to the Board, National Indigenous Fisheries Institute. (Download the presenbtation here)
  • Exploring innovative ways of approaching immediate and long-term housing needs throughout Nunavut – An overview of Habitat’s work across the country leading into an interesting discussion about how Habitat for Humanity and NEDA could become significant partners in addressing the growing housing crisis throughout Nunavut. – Terry Petkau, National Director, Housing Innovation & Safety at Habitat for Humanity Canada. (Download the presentation here)
  • Offshore & Inshore Fisheries Development – A presentation and assessment of the Government of Canada’s Fisheries Act Review and Indigenous Rights and Interests. – Presented by Keegan McGrath, BSc, MES, Fisheries and Aquatic Biologist, Shared Value Solutions Ltd. (Download the presentation in 2 parts - Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Community Wealth Approach to Expanding the Inshore Fishery in Nunavut – A presentation on the value of the Community Wealth approach to expanding the inshore fishery in Nunavut; starting small and planning long term. – Presented by Mike Labbe, President, Options International Download the presentation in 2 parts - Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Project Development – A training session on how to develop and fund your projects while avoiding the pitfalls and other problems. – Jayme Turney, Project Development/Management Consultant. (Download the presentation here)
  • An overview of Nunavut Tourism’s current and upcoming projects, services they provide to their members, and how they can help EDOs and Nunavummiut who want to get involved in tourism. – Presentation by Donna Parry, Director of Membership & Visitor Services, Nunavut Tourism
  • Cruise Ship Tourism Development – Presentation & discussion on developing cruise ship tourism for the benefit of the community including Best Practices and the Cruise Tourism Readiness Boot Camp – Presented by Sebastian Charge, Manager of Tourism Development, ED&T-TCI
  • Destination Nunavut Update - A presentation with Q&A on what the NEW Destination Nunavut is doing to promote tourism in Nunavut. - Presented by Nancy Guyon, Director, Tourism & Cultural Industries, ED&T-TCI
  • Arts & Cultural Development for Communities – Presentation with Q&A on the results of the All Arts Summit and the progress towards a new Cultural Industries Strategy – Presented by Anne-Cécile Grunenwald, Acting Manager, Cultural Industries ED&T, Government of Nunavut
  • CTCI Funding Programs for Tourism & Cultural Industries – Presentation on CTCI funding that benefits local tourism development including a discussion on the planning for a Tourism Summit – Presented by Nancy Guyon, Director, Tourism & Cultural Industries, ED&T-TCI
  • Tourism Roundtable – Open roundtable discussion with the Tourism & Cultural Industries division of ED&T  on issues, challenges and possible solutions in the development of tourism in Nunavut. – Moderated by Ron Ryan, NVision Insight Group
  • Indigenous Tourism Development – A presentation on some of the key developmental issues and best practices this international tourism operator uses to continue to succeed with a unique cultural tourism product. – Presented by Hone Mihaka, Owner/Operator , Taiamai Tours Heritage Journeys, New Zealand. (Download the presentation here - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4)
  • AIP Presentation – An update from the Arctic Inspiration Prize including their new expanded awards program. – Continental Breakfast Buffet.  Presentation by Kevin Kablutsiak, Executive Director, Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP)
  • Pinnguaq: AIP Project Winner – A presentation from 2016 AIP winning Te(a)ch on the role out of their new coding clubs in Nunavut. – Presentation made by Ryan Oliver, Te(a)ch
  • Outfitting Success Story – A presentation on how a new Iqaluit outfitter, with support from Tourism & Cultural Industries, was able to establish itself and book international visitors in less than 1 year. – Presentation made by Alex Flaherty, Owner/Operator Polar Outfitting. (Download the presentation here - Part 1 - Part 2)
  • Basic Computer Skills Workshop – An informal, interactive session that covers basic skills, where participants can get answers to basic questions about their computer and using Microsoft Office programs. – Concurrent session with Advanced Computer Skills Workshop presented by NVision Insight
  • Advanced Computer Skills Workshop – A detailed look at Outlook (including Time Management Tools) and MS Office tools in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. – Concurrent session with Basic Computer Skills Workshop presented by NEDA and NVision Insight
  • NACA Presentation – An update from the Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association (NACA) on the direction, vision and activities of the association under the new Executive Director. – Presentation from Jesse Tungilik, Executive Director of NACA
  • Cando and EDO Development – Overview on the programs and services available from the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (Cando) – Presentation by Ray Wanuch, Executive Director, Cando
  • Cultural Industries Roundtable – Open roundtable discussion with the Tourism & Cultural Industries division of ED&T on issues, challenges and possible solutions in the development of Cultural Industries in Nunavut. – Moderated by Ron Ryan, NVision Insight Group
  • Development of Community Based Fisheries – A presentation on how locally developed fisheries have grown in challenging environments and the impact they have had on the development of their communities. – Presentation by Tina Dacin, Director, Centre for Social Impact; Stephen J. R. Smith Chair of Strategy & Organizational Behavior, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University. (Presentation not shared by request from the presenter)