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EDO Resources

These pages and documents are provided to assist EDOs in accessing information on programs, policies, and available funding. Find everything from the basics of business and financial planning, to contact information for organizations.

A Community Economic Development Officer is a community resource person to whom prospective business people, elected leaders and organizations or businesses can go to for advice and information.

NEDA is a resource for its members by acting as a central source of information to help them be more effective. NEDA fosters communication between EDOs in communities across Nunavut and a range of organizations about business resources, as well as funding and training opportunities.

EDO Orientation Guide

This tool for new and existing EDOs contains valuable information on the EDO job description, training, economic development programs, agreements and other resources.  

This resource was updated in in January 2016.

Download a copy of the current Orientation Guide here.

EDO Toolkit

The Toolkit was updated early in 2015 and introduced during the 2015 NEDA Annual General Conference.  This resource contains a wide variety of information.  Please click on the links below to download each file.

·         A manual on how to use the toolkit

·         A Business Glossary containing definitions on 100’s of business terms

·         Business planning tools including

o   Business Plan Template

o   Evaluating a Business Plan

o   Interactive Business Planner

o   Reference Material - Web Addresses

o   Worksheets questions

o   Financial Statements including;

§  Financial Statements and Ratio Calculators 2015

§  Notes for financial statements

·         A funding resource guide with links to many possible funding sources, both inside and outside of Nunavut;

·         Government program information including;

o   Government Departments and Inuit Organisations

o   Nunavut Business Development Programs

·         Proposal Writing

o   Interactive Proposal Writer

o   Sample Community Freezer Application Proposal

·         RFP writing tools and templates including

o   General RFP

o   Generic RFP - Business Plan


·         Tourism Act and Outfitter Regulations

o   Consolidation of Outfitter Regulations - current to June 5, 2014

o   Consolidation of Tourist Establishment Regulations current to June 24, 2014

o   Consolidation of Travel and Tourism Act

·         Useful Contact Information

This information was updated recently but as you will see, there is a lot of information available.  Things change all the time so so if notice that any of this information needs to be updated, please let us know as soon as possible.  

Comments, changes or suggestions should be sent by email to exdir@nunavuteda.com